HC Deb 25 March 1872 vol 210 c596

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether after the establishment of the Depôt Centres the Commanding Officers of Militia Regiments will continue to have the power of re-enrolling the existing Staff Sergeants at their own discretion, or whether it will be compulsory on them to fill up all vacancies as they occur with Sergeants from the Line Regiments having their Head Quarters at the Depôt Centre?


said, in reply, that it was intended as long as the Staff sergeants discharged efficiently the duties imposed on them under the new arrangement to give them every advantage which they now possessed. When the present men no longer continued to hold their posts, then the arrangement would be that the permanent Staff of a Militia regiment was to be taken from the Line battalions belonging to its Depôt. They would have the same advantages with regard to enrolment as they had before.