HC Deb 22 March 1872 vol 210 c531

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether Quartermasters of Militia are to retire on the 1st of April next; and, if so, whether he will not extend the time of those whose Regiments are then up for training to the end of that training; and, whether each depôt centre will retain the Quartermaster on the spot, if efficient, or whether one will be appointed from the Line?


said, in reply, that the compulsory retirement of quartermasters would be suspended with the view of bringing in the new arrangement, by which one officer in the position of quartermaster and no more would be wanted at each depôt centre. That would give an opportunity of making the retirements more gradual than they would otherwise have been. The duties of that officer would extend beyond that of the present quartermaster; and, perhaps, it was not everyone who was now filling the office of quartermaster who would now be competent.