HC Deb 11 March 1872 vol 209 c1761

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, Whether a penalty of £635 for non-fulfilment of a Contract for Navy duck was inflicted on the firm of Messrs. Baxter of Dundee by the Board of Admiralty in November 1868; and, whether it is true as reported, that the fine has been remitted or repaid, and at what date such remission occurred?


Sir, the hon. and gallant Member asks me whether the fine was inflicted in 1868. It was not; but there was a fine of £630 inflicted in November, 1867, four years and a half ago. The hon. Baronet then proceeds to ask—"Whether it is true as reported, that the fine has been remitted or repaid." I am bound to say that I have never heard of such a report, or seen such a report, nor have I been able to find any person who has. But if the hon. and gallant Baronet wishes the matter to be more thoroughly investigated, I would ask him to furnish me with that report which he has seen, or with the names of the persons who have authenticated it, because, unless formally authenticated, I am sure the hon. Baronet would not have put this Question on the Paper. The statement is exceedingly vague; but I have done my best to follow it up. I am positively told that no orders have been received in the Accountant General's Department as to the remission of the fine.