HC Deb 27 June 1872 vol 212 cc289-90

asked, Whether the right hon. Gentleman at the head of the Government will be prepared to allow precedence over the Government Orders of the Day to the Motion on the subject of the Galway Election Inquiry which has been fixed for Monday, July 8?


I cannot state that on the particular evening, or for the particular Motion to which the hon. Gentleman has referred, we shall be prepared to propose that Government Orders of the Day be put aside. I am aware of the great importance of the subject, and the Government have already signified that we shall think it our duty to facilitate the discussion of that subject when the proper time arrives. But until further progress has been made with the production of the evidence, and some reasonable time has been allowed for the consideration of the whole or the principal part of that evidence, we do not think it would be desirable to ask or invite the House to enter upon the discussion in question. I hope the House will quite understand that my answer does not imply any disposition to obstruct the due discussion of the question at the proper time. Under the circumstances, as there are Motions on the Paper for to-morrow standing in the names of my right hon. Friend (Mr. Horsman) and the hon. Member for Tralee (The O'Donoghue) I may venture to express a wish that they will not be pressed at a time when I think they would be premature.


said, the Motion which stood for Monday week was of a much, more serious character than the Motions which stood for to-morrow. It declared that Mr. Justice Keogh had abused his position as a Judge of Election Petitions by delivering a violent partizan speech, thereby creating great scandal and shaking the confidence of the people in the administration of justice, and that by reason of such mis- conduct his position on the Bench had become inconsistent with the interests of the public and the honour of the Crown. He wished to know whether his right hon. Friend was using his influence to get this as well as the other Motions postponed till the evidence was printed?


said, that on July 8 the Government had the control of Business in their own hands. As to the other two Motions, he had made a request which he hoped would be acceded to.


said, his Motion had no reference to the evidence, nor should he refer to it. But he had found that, however he might limit his remarks, it would be impossible to prevent other Members from referring to the evidence. He thought the most convenient course would be for him to drop his Notice altogether, and leave the question to be discussed on the Motion of the hon. Member for Tralee (The O'Donoghue).


said, he had no intention of withdrawing his Motion. But felt that it would be more convenient to postpone it until the voluminous evidence was in the hands of Members.


asked whether, as the right hon. Gentleman would not postpone the Orders of the Day on Monday week, he would fix some day on which this question might be brought on?


replied that if it was not in the power of any Member to find a convenient time for the discussion the Government would take care to provide a day.


wished to know whether the facilities which the right hon. Gentleman spoke of giving with regard to the Gal way judgment had any special reference to the Motion of the hon. Member for Limerick (Mr. Butt)?


said, his answer had reference to no special Notice of Motion on the Paper, but to the subject generally.