HC Deb 14 June 1872 vol 211 c1734

NEW MEMBER SWORN—William Felix Munster, esquire, for Mallow.

SELECT COMMITTEE—Elementary Schools (Certificated Teachers), Mr. Pease discharged, Sir Thomas Lloyd, Mr. Charles Reed, Mr. J. G. Talbot added.

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—Committee—R.P.

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—First Reading—Bank Notes (No. 2)* [196].

Second ReadingJuries Act Amendment (Ireland)* [195]; Bakehouses* [54], debate adjourned; Church Seats* [194]; Mine Dues [177].

Committee—Education (Scotland) [31]—R.P.

Committee—Report—Queen's Bench (Ireland) Procedure * [126].

Committee—Report—Third Reading—Oyster and Mussel Fisheries Supplemental (No. 2) (re-comm.)* [172]; Board of Trade Inquiries* [193], and passed.

The House met at Two of the clock.