HC Deb 12 June 1872 vol 211 c1630

NEW WRIT ISSUED—For Bedford County, v. Francis Charles Hastings Russell, esquire, now Duke of Bedford.

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading— Juries Act Amendment (Ireland)* [195].

Second Reading— Criminal Trials (Ireland) [47], put off; Wildfowl Protection [46]; Agricultural Children [104]; Mines Dues [177], debate adjourned; Masters and Workmen (Arbitration)* [123].

Committee—Report—Third Reading— Elementary Education (Provisional Order Confirmation)* [175]; Tramways (Ireland) Provisional Order Confirmation)* [181], and passed.

Considered as amended—Third Reading— Tramways Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 3)* [188]; Tramways Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 4)* [189], and passed.

Withdrawn— Municipal Corporations (Ireland) Law Amendment [79].