HC Deb 10 June 1872 vol 211 c1506

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether he has had under his consideration the case of Mary Ann Smith, who died at Spalding, on May 10th, from the effects of an accident incurred while she was working upon a steam threshing machine; and, if so, whether he would take into his consideration the desirability of proposing some legislative restrictions upon the employment of females in work of this nature, as recommended by the coroner's jury in this instance?


, in reply, said, he had received no special report upon the case of Mary Ann Smith, but he had seen a newspaper report, the accuracy of which he could have no reason to doubt; and he was afraid that accidents to women had in more cases than this resulted from their employment upon machinery used in threshing. From the representations made to him, he thought the subject of sufficient importance to have a special report made as to the manner in which women were employed upon these engines, and the means which might be taken for their greater safety. It was, however, no light matter to interfere with the employment of women in any sort of labour, or to interfere in any way without just cause with the working of such very useful machinery.