HC Deb 30 July 1872 vol 213 c109

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—Resolution [July 29] reported—NAVY ESTIMATES.

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—Elementary Education (Elections) (No. 2)* [281].

Committee—Report—Military Forces Localisation (Expenses) [222]; Kensington Station and North and South London Junction Railway Act, 1859 (Repayment of Moneys)* [273].

Third Reading—Local Government Supplemental (No. 3)* [254]; Greenwich Hospital* [253]; Public Works Loan Commissioners (School Boards Loans)* [266]; Turnpike Trusts Arrangements* [256]; Local Courts of Record* [276], and passed.

Withdrawn—Registration of Births and Deaths* [272].

The House met at Two of the clock.