HC Deb 29 July 1872 vol 213 cc44-5

asked the Postmaster General, When the Report of Mr. Scudamore on the development of the Telegraph system, and on the Establishment generally, which was reviewed in the "Times," the "Daily News," and "Echo" newspapers of last week, will be presented to the House?


said, the Report alluded to was, in fact, a letter addressed to himself, and it contained personal remarks on different individuals in the Office, and certain other statements which Her Majesty's Government thought it would not be right to publish at present. He regretted that the document bad been reviewed in The Times and other newspapers, and should endeavour to find out who had communicated it to them.


asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether the new classification of the Telegraph Clerks has been sanctioned by the Treasury; when it will be issued, and from what date it shall take effect; and, whether a Vote shall be taken before Parliament rises for the increased salaries under such classification?


Sir, the new classification for the great body of the telegraph clerks has been settled by the Treasury, and is about to be officially communicated to the Post Office. The increased salaries take effect from various dates, dependent on the time when the new duties were undertaken, and a Vote will be taken with regard to them before Parliament rises.