HC Deb 29 July 1872 vol 213 cc49-50

said, that at the conclusion of the debate on Thursday there had been an understanding that the Government would give an early day for the resumption of this discussion. He, therefore, begged to ask the right hon. Gentleman at the head of the Government, On what day the debate would be resumed, in order that Irish Members, looking to the period of the Session, might take whatever course became necessary under the circumstances?


Sir, I have been in expectation of seeing the hon. and learned Member for Limerick (Mr. Butt) in his place, and of having some communication with him upon the subject. The object of the postponement on Friday night was that we might be able, from the progress of Business, to form a clearer judgment as to the period when it would be possible to afford an opportunity for the resumption of the debate, and then to communicate this to my hon. and learned Friend and the other Irish Members. At present, we are unable to form any such judgment or to make any such communication, the progress on Friday and Saturday not having been such as we could have hoped. I can only trust that the next few days may enable us to form some clearer judgment as to the period when the Committee of Supply will probably close, as that is the matter on which arrangements, in point of time, will naturally depend.