HC Deb 19 July 1872 vol 212 cc1416-7

Message from Her Majesty brought up, and read by Mr. Speaker (all the Members being uncovered), as follows:—


Her Majesty, taking into consideration the distinguished Services performed by the late Richard Southwell, Earl of Mayo, Her Majesty's Vice Roy and Governor General of India, and the loss of his life in Her service and in the discharge of public duty, and being desirous, in recognition of such Services, and in view of the circumstances of his death, to confer some signal mark of Her Favour upon his Widow Blanche Julia, Countess of Mayo, recommends it to Her Faithful Commons that She should be enabled to make provision for securing to the Countess of Mayo a pension of One Thousand Pounds per annum for the term of her natural life.


MR. GLADSTONE moved that the Message be taken into consideration on Monday next.

Motion agreed to; Committee thereupon on Monday next.