HC Deb 11 July 1872 vol 212 cc948-9

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, Whether, looking to the importance of ascertaining the comparative efficiency for actual warfare of ironclad broadside ships built on the central battery principle, carrying heavy guns worked by machinery, and ships on the turret principle, carrying a heavy armament, he will consider the propriety of recommending a somewhat similar experiment to be tried on the central battery of one of Her Majesty's broadside ships to that tried on the turret of Her Majesty's ship "Glatton," on Friday last?


The experiments with regard to the Glatton were instituted to decide on a particular part of the turret system—not the penetrability of the armour, but whether the turret would revolve after being struck. No similar experiments, he said, were advised in regard to the central battery, nor was it the intention of the Admiralty to institute any such experiments as those suggested in the Question. He did not see how they could be conducted, or what point of special value they would serve to throw light upon.