HC Deb 05 July 1872 vol 212 c700

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether, considering the advanced period of the Session, and that many Irish Members will be absent during the next fortnight attending the Assizes, considering also the important changes contemplated by the measure, the noble Lord will consent to withdraw the Grand Jury Presentments Bill? The hon. and gallant Member said, he had to complain that his Question, as it appeared on the Notice Paper was different in terms to what it was when given in from him.


said, he did not propose to withdraw the Bill which was the subject of his hon. Friend's Question, for there was some hope, though, perhaps, not a very strong one, that the House would be able to proceed with the consideration of the Bill on this subject that day. If not, he hoped an early day would be named for the second reading; for though at that advanced period of the Session, there was no great prospect of being able to pass the Bill this year, it would be of the greatest possible importance that there should be a discussion upon it, in order that the views and wishes of hon. Members might be ascertained, with a view to facilitate future legislation on the subject.


With reference to the complaint made on the alteration of the Question as originally proposed by the hon. Member, I think it right to say that it is against the Rule of the House to put Questions which involve opinion or argument, and, in accordance with that Rule, the terms of the Question of the hon. Member were altered by the Clerks at the Table under my authority.