HC Deb 04 July 1872 vol 212 cc630-1

said, he wished to ask the hon. Baronet the Member for North Devon (Sir Thomas Acland), Whether the sum of £26,926 7s. 7d. charged for Agency (in addition to other items for management, repairs, &c.) in the Rental Accounts of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, contained in the Report of 1872, could not be reduced in future years; and, whether such Agency is paid by salary or by commission?


The sums charged for agency and management in the accounts of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners have been frequently the subject of public investigation. This matter was examined by Committee of the House of Commons in 1856, 1862, and 1863, and by a Committee of the House of Lords in 1858. It also was the subject of a Report drawn up by a Committee appointed by the Treasury in 1859, and of a Minute and Report prepared by the Estates Committee of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. These documents are to be found in the 16th Report of the Commissioners. They contain a full statement of the scale of remuneration as to its principles and details. They explain that the principal expenses are incident to the transition state of the Church property scattered over 40 counties, and that the nature of the business requires that the Commission should benefit by the wide experience of persons having an independent professional business. Such experience could not be obtained for any salary which the Commissioners could give. The Commissioners have recently, in conjunction with the Treasury, revised their official establishment. They will not lose sight of the importance of effecting every economy in the management of their estates which may be consistent with efficiency.