HC Deb 26 February 1872 vol 209 cc1034-5

said, he wished to call the attention of the House to a change in the arrangements, which it was well that hon. Members should be made acquainted with as soon as possible. According to the Report of the Committee which was appointed to inquire into the necessary arrangements, steamboats were to be provided, so as to enable hon. Members to leave the stairs, close to the House of Commons, at 20 minutes past 11 o'clock. The Committee arrived at that conclusion after careful examination, upon the representations of the Commissioner of the City Police, that hon. Members who wished to go in that way could reach St. Paul's in good time before Her Majesty's arrival. The Committee were perfectly satisfied that that arrangement could be carried out, and that it would be most convenient to hon. Members of the House. Since then, however, the Commissioner of City Police has declared his inability to carry out the recommendations of the Committee, and, unfortunately, as by the present law the City police are separated from the Metropolitan, hon. Gentlemen have no alternative but to submit, and accept the conclusion at which the Commissioner has now arrived—which is that the steamboats must leave the stairs at 30 minutes past 10 o'clock. Hon. Members would, therefore, be good enough to take that as the time instead of the hour intended by the Select Committee.


asked the right hon. Gentleman, Whether he had received any communication from the Commissioner of City Police, explaining why the time at which Members must leave had been changed?


replied, that the Commissioner had named the earlier hour because he was of opinion that he would not be able to place hon. Members in their seats before Her Majesty's arrival, unless they started at that time, though Her Majesty would not arrive at the Cathedral very much before 1 o'clock.


inquired, whether hon. Members could not walk across St. James' Park?


said, it had been already stated that hon. Members would be at liberty to proceed on foot by any route upon showing their tickets.