HC Deb 22 February 1872 vol 209 cc868-9

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether Her Majesty's Government had finally approved any architectural design for the New Courts of Justice; and whether he would exhibit the same in the Library or elsewhere within the precincts of the Palace of Westminster, for the inspection of Members of this House? The hon. Member said, that on the 21st of last July he asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether Her Majesty's Government approved the designs which were stated to have been accepted, and the right hon. Gentleman stated that he did not approve those designs. He understood that during the vacation—["Order, order!"]——


The hon. Member is not entitled to make a speech in putting his Question.


I apprehend that I am entitled, by the practice of the House, to make any explanation which does not lead to controversy. I desire to say that I understand that during the vacation considerable modifications have been made in the designs. ["Order, order!"] I am perfectly in order. I wish to ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether that is the case or not?


, in reply, said, these designs were exhibited in the Library of the House for several weeks last Session, and hon. Gentlemen who were critical in such matters could not be induced to pronounce any opinion upon them. After having submitted them to this ordeal the Government did approve of the designs, and he did not know that any good purpose would be answered in exhibiting them in the Library again. Of course, if the House really wished it, no objection would be offered to that course.