HC Deb 16 February 1872 vol 209 c528

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether it be the fact, as stated in a Military newspaper, that an application had been made (during the Recess) to the Treasury for a pension to General Forster, the late Military Secretary; if so, whether it was stated in that application that the officer in question had held for 12 years, at a salary of £2,240, an office which Government had decided ought to be held for five years only at a salary of £1,500, and that he was in receipt of £1,000 a-year from the Colonelcy of the 81st Regiment, which he had held for nine years during his tenancy of the higher office; and what decision was come to by the Treasury?


An application was made last year to the Treasury containing the statement alluded to. The Treasury took the matter into consideration, and came to the conclusion that General Forster did not come within the meaning of the Superannuation Act, and that, therefore, no pension should be granted to him.