HC Deb 12 February 1872 vol 209 c212

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, If it be the intention of the Government to propose any measure with the object of having Private Bills dealt with in Dublin?


It is the intention of the Government to make proposals, as I hope in the present Session, with a view to facilitate the progress of such business as is usually dealt with by Private Bills in the case of Ireland, not upon the ground that there is anything in the case of Ireland which is in principle distinct from the case of the other portions of the United Kingdom, but on the ground that it is extremely desirable to lighten, wherever it can unobjectionably be done, the hands of this House, and to promote and expedite the transaction of business. I am not prepared to say how far it will be in the power of my noble Friend the Chief Secretary for Ireland to carry his measure, because the subject is one which goes into a good deal of detail, and I do not wish to raise any premature or excessive expectations. But it is not proposed to proceed until my hon. Friend the Chairman of Committees (Mr. Dodson) has given effect to the pledge which he has entered into with the House of Commons—namely, that he will, on a very early day, raise the whole subject of private business for consideration and discussion in this House. After that has been done, we think it will be possible for us to see our way in this matter better than at present; but until then we shall not arrive at any positive decision as to the mode of proceeding.