HC Deb 08 February 1872 vol 209 cc141-2

rose to ask the hon. Baronet the Member for Chelsea, Whether it is his intention to justify and explain by a statement in this House the subject of the speeches delivered by him at Newcastle and other towns; and, if so, when?


said: Mr. Speaker—I rise to Order. I very respectfully ask you, Sir, whether the hon. Member for the North Riding, or indeed any hon. Member, has a right to ask any other hon. Member to justify and explain what he may have said outside the walls of this House? It rests with you, Sir, to answer that question.


I will bring to the recollection of the House the exact terms in which the Rules of the House apply to the Question. Before the Public Business is entered upon, Questions are permitted to be put to Ministers of the Crown, relating to public affairs; and to other Members, relating to any Bill, Motion, or other public matter connected with the Business of The House, in which such Members may be concerned. The Question which is now under consideration does not seem to me to fall within that Rule, and I think it is very important that the House should be guided and governed by the Rules now existing.


Under those circumstances, Sir, of course I bow to your decision, and I am only sorry that I have not had an opportunity of getting an answer from the hon. Baronet. No doubt, in the course of a debate, I shall have an opportunity before long of bringing the matter before the House.