HC Deb 03 August 1872 vol 213 c398

rose to ask a Question of the Secretary of the Admiralty with reference to the ingenious and important invention of Mr. Prideaux for the prevention of smoke, and reducing the temperature on board ship. The machinery was at once simple and complete. There appeared to have been some misapprehension as to the expense; he understood it would not exceed £40 per furnace, whereas the hon. Gentleman had said that its cost was too excessive to allow of its being applied to Her Majesty's vessels. Could the hon. Gentleman confirm that statement? if not, was he (Mr. Maguire) right in thinking it probable that a further essay would be made of its merits?


said, that in the remarks which he had made the other evening with reference to this invention he had only intended to convey that it was both costly and complicated. The invention had been before the Admiralty for some 10 years, and it was chiefly owing to its great cost that it had not been adopted. He believed the cost of these furnace doors was now diminished, and that the complication was also reduced; and he thought it probable that a further trial would be given to the invention.