HC Deb 29 April 1872 vol 210 cc1933-4

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, Whether a Committee of Inquiry has been appointed to ascertain the best mode of constructing boats and of lowering them at sea, with a view of saving life; and, whether the inquiry will embrace the question as to the best form of lifebuoy?


Sir, the Committee in question has been appointed and the points referred to are as follows:—The supply of life-boats to Her Majesty's ships, the best lowering apparatus for the boats, and, generally, the best means for saving life at sea, regard being had to the special character and duties of the ships. My right hon. Friend will see that the questions referred to the Committee will cover the points raised by his Question. The Committee, which held their first meeting to-day, consists of three naval officers unconnected with the Admiralty—namely, Vice Admiral Wellesley, Captain Sherard Osborn, and Captain His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh; two gentlemen not connected with Her Majesty's Naval Service, Sir James Anderson, for some time captain of the Great Eastern, and Mr. Wigram, the eminent shipowner; and Captains Willes and Tryon, who are connected with the Admiralty.