HC Deb 29 April 1872 vol 210 cc1929-30

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether, in the Estimates for National Education (Ireland) for the present year, provision will be made for an increase in the salaries of the Irish National Teachers, and for the addition of payment by results as recommended in the Report of the Commissioners on Primary Education (Ireland), presented to this House in the year 1870?


asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether any and what provision will be made in the Estimates this year for improving the salaries of the first and second class Teachers under the National Board of Education in Ireland; and if the principle of payment by results, as applied last year to the augmentation given to the third and fourth class Teachers, will be applied to all the Teachers?


, in reply, said, he would endeavour to answer as well as he could the Question of the hon. Member for Limerick (Mr. Synan), and also that relating to the same subject by the hon. Member for Londonderry (Sir Frederick Heygate). In the ordinary Estimates for this year the sum of £18,000 was taken for the purpose of being expended in payments for results to the Irish National School teachers; but that was, of course, the same item that was taken in the Supplementary Estimates last year, and was to be applied to providing additional payments to the third class and assistant teachers. The National Board of Education in Ireland had, however, submitted to the Treasury a proposal for further Supplementary Estimates amounting to about £80,000, to be expended in payments for results on the same principle to the first and second classes of National School teachers. The Treasury had not yet given their approval to that Estimate, and a correspondence on the subject was in progress between the National Board of Education, the Treasury, and the Irish Government. As soon as the correspondence was concluded, he would take the first opportunity of informing the hon. Members and the House of the decision which had been arrived at in the matter.