HC Deb 18 April 1872 vol 210 c1477

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, When the Correspondence with the Governor General of Canada, which it was promised should be produced after Easter, will be laid upon the Table? He believed the Parliament of Canada assembled on the 11th of this month.


, in reply, said, he was not surprised at this Question being put, after the reply given to a former Question on the subject. The Parliament of Canada did assemble on the 11th instant, but the British Government were still awaiting the receipt of a despatch, which would probably be of a definitive nature, and convey the information the hon. Gentleman desired to have from the Government of Canada. The British Government would not be justified in publishing an incomplete Correspondence—not so much on their own account, but because Canada was materially concerned, and the interest of the Question lay chiefly on that side of the water. The British Government were endeavouring to do what they could by telegraph to put themselves in a position to meet the wishes of the hon. Member.