HC Deb 16 April 1872 vol 210 cc1328-9

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether, as the University Tests (Dublin) Bill is put down for Committee on this day week, the Government will, before Friday next, lay upon the Table of the House such Amendments as they may intend to move in Committee, so as to afford to those in charge of the Bill an opportunity of considering such Amendments?


Sir, the Bill naturally divides itself into two parts. The first contains the test clauses, with respect to which I am not aware that any Amendment will be necessary; but the remaining clauses as to the constitution of the University are so unsatisfactory and insufficient that it is not, in our view, possible to bring them into a satisfactory state. Our object will therefore be to endeavour to separate the test clauses from the remaining clauses of the Bill, and we shall act in conformity with the views expressed on the second reading. It is the intention of my noble Friend the Secretary for Ireland to give Notice of a Motion to move an Instruction, giving the Committee on the Bill power to divide it into two parts—the test clauses and the clauses relating to the constitution of the University.



I may, Sir, perhaps be permitted to add, what I intended to say in answer to the hon. Member for Brighton, that, in the event of his being disposed to divide his Bill, we should endeavour—and this would follow naturally from what I have already said—as far as lies in our power, and certainly in the course of the present Session, to put forward that portion of the divided Bill which relates to tests.