HC Deb 16 April 1872 vol 210 c1330

With reference, Sir, to the conversation which took place yesterday, I have to state that the Covering Note of the British Government that went with the Counter Case, and one or two other Papers, has, I am glad to say, already been circulated this afternoon, and it may be convenient to know that copies can be had at the Vote Office by those who have not received them at home. Also, with regard to the Counter Case itself, I am happy to state that it will be ready to be delivered to-morrow. I may also mention that we have received from Geneva an intimation to the effect—I am now speaking from memory, not, perhaps, using the exact phraseology—that Mr. Bancroft Davis has, on the part of the United States, put in a statement that he had no instructions from his Government on the subject of any document such as the Covering Note put in by the British Government; and, that being so, he thought it his duty to reserve all rights of the United States, so that they might not undergo any prejudice from that Covering Note. The Note of Mr. Bancroft Davis we hope to be in possession of to-morrow, and we shall lose no time in presenting it to Parliament.


asked whether Mr. Bancroft Davis had put in his statement after, or in reply to, our Notice?


It was with reference—I cannot say that it was in answer to it.


It is stated that the United States Minister has concurred with our Foreign Secretary that the Case of the British Government should be submitted without prejudice. I want to know whether that communication was made to Earl Granville orally or in writing—whether, in short, there is any record of it in writing?


I believe there is such a record. At all events, my right hon. Friend will have the means of determining what occurred by referring to the Paper which was sent to him and other Members this morning.