HC Deb 22 May 1871 vol 206 cc1112-3

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether the Mr. Mitchell whose name appears as sub-sheriff of the county of Monaghan for the present year, is the same Mr. Mitchell who was found by the "Triers" at the Spring Assizes of 1869, for that county, to have unfairly and improperly framed the Jury Panel of said county, and for retaining whom as sub-sheriff Captain Coote was dismissed from the office of high sheriff in July 1869; and, if so, is the Irish executive prepared to sanction his continuance in an office wherein he can "constitute further panels for the county of Monaghan?"


said, in reply, that the Mr. Mitchell who had been appointed sub-sheriff of Monaghan was the same person as was found by the "Triers" at the Spring Assizes of 1869 to have improperly framed the jury panel of Monaghan. When his appointment as sub-sheriff became known to the Irish Government, the Lord Lieutenant communicated with the high sheriff, called his attention to the occurrence of 1869, and pointed out the necessity of his exercising careful personal supervision over the preparation of the jury panel. The high sheriff had replied undertaking to do so, and under the circumstances, although it was to be regretted the appointment had been made, the Government thought there was not sufficient reason for further objecting to it, but that it would be better to trust to the sense of honour and impartiality of the sheriff, who, he had no doubt, would not give occasion for further complaints.