HC Deb 22 May 1871 vol 206 cc1110-1

asked the Vice President of the Council, How many Inspectors of Schools have been appointed since the passing of the Elementary Education Act, and to what denomination they are supposed to belong?


, in reply, said, that Earl de Grey, with whom rested the appointment of inspectors, had appointed 12 permanent inspectors since the passing of the Elementary Education Act. The offices of two inspectors had been made permanent, and ten fresh appointments had been made. It was true that the notifications had only lately been issued; but the names had been fixed upon prior to Lord de Grey's leaving England. With regard to the latter portion of the hon. Member's Question, it was almost impossible for him to answer it. He had not been informed to what denomination these gentlemen belonged, nor did he believe it was his business to try and find out. Before the passing of the Elementary Education Act it was necessary to find out, because we then had denominational inspection. That was, however, no longer the case, and he did not feel justified in asking these gentlemen what their religious opinions were. If it was the fact that none of them were Dissenters, it was not owing to that circumstance, but solely to their educational qualifications, that they had been appointed by Lord de Grey.