HC Deb 22 May 1871 vol 206 c1118

asked, Whether it is in accordance with the Standing Orders of the House that the Bank Holidays Bill should have been brought down with Amendments from the House of Lords late last Friday night or early on Saturday morning, and that their Minutes should state that the Lords' Amendments were to be considered forthwith, and that they were considered and agreed to? That was all the information they had about the matter. He had had no notice of it, though he was in the House till half-past one on Saturday morning. The result was that the Lords had made that Bill applicable to Scotland in certain particulars in respect to which it was not so made applicable by the House of Commons, and that new holidays had been appointed, of which the people of Scotland had had no notice whatever.


was understood to say the rule was that the Lords' Amendments on public Bills should be appointed to be considered on a future day unless the House should order them to be considered forthwith. In the present case it was directed that the Lords' Amendments should be considered forthwith.