HC Deb 04 May 1871 vol 206 c149

WAYS AND MEANS—considered in CommitteeResolution [May 1] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution reportedOrderedFirst Reading—Income Tax* [126].

OrderedSunday Observation Act Repeal, debate adjourned.

OrderedFirst Reading—Postage* [124]; Burial Law Amendment* [125].

Second Reading—Lunatics (Scotland)* [117]; Debtors (Ireland)* [108]; Bankruptcy (Ireland) Amendment* [109].

Select Committee—Divorce* nominated.

Committee—Dogs* [114]—R.P.

Considered as amended—Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes* [91]; Metropolitan Commons Supplemental* [62].

Third Reading—Lunacy Regulation (Ireland)* [102]; Metropolitan Poor Act (1867) Amendment* [119]; Private Chapels* [112], and passed.