HC Deb 01 May 1871 vol 205 cc1935-6

said, that as the Government had made declarations to the effect that the proposed Army expenditure was of a transitory character, he wished to ask the Secretary of State for War, What part of such expenditure may be considered transitory; what is the present and prospective amount of such transitory expenditure; and, at what period it may be reasonably expected to terminate?


Sir, the Estimates in any year depend very much upon the number of men the Crown may ask for and Parliament vote in that year. But, besides the number of men, there are other charges in the present year which may be considered exceptional, and which have been referred to by my right hon. Friend at the head of the Government and myself—such as armaments for the forts, purchase of torpedoes, of small arms in consequence of the arming of the Reserve Forces, the purchase of horses, of clothing, &c.; and if the noble Lord wishes for any further particulars, and will move for a Return, I shall be happy to give him any information in my power.