HC Deb 27 March 1871 vol 205 c662

appealed to those hon. Members who had placed on the Paper Notices of Motions on the Motion for going into Supply, to postpone their respective Motions until Committee.

Mr. OTWAY, Mr. BRASSEY, Sir JAMES ELPHINSTONE, Mr. HEADLAM, and Sir JOHN HAY consented to the suggestion.


said, he regretted that he was unable to respond to the appeal of the right hon. Gentleman. He should not be doing his duty to his constituents if he did not take advantage of this opportunity of bringing forward his Motion on the subject of gunboats, which ought to be discussed before the right hon. Gentleman reached the Estimates.


agreed to postpone his Motion on condition that the Government would give some assurance that the purchase of Deptford Dockyard should not be completed until the question had been discussed by the House. He was told that the purchase was to be completed to-morrow, and if that statement were true it would materially prejudice the discussion that might arise.


said, he wished to explain with reference to Deptford Dockyard that the Government could not undertake any such obligation as that suggested by the hon. Baronet (Sir Henry Selwin-Ibbetson). In fact, there was a legal obligation to carry out the conveyance. The Government had no power to stay proceedings at this stage, besides the delay would materially interfere with the building of the cattle market.

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