HC Deb 13 March 1871 vol 204 c1874

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether and when Her Majesty's Government intend to apply to Parliament for any extraordinary powers to enable them at once to cope with the present disregard of all Law in the counties of Westmeath, Meath, and parts of King's County; or, if the adoption of measures necessary to restore security to life and property in the disturbed districts is to await the Report of the Select Committee just appointed?


I am at a loss, Sir, to know whether I understand a right the Question of the hon. Baronet, though the terms are so clear that I do not see how I can misapprehend them. But if I do understand the Question, it appears like an invitation to repeat in answer to a Question the substance of a debate on which we lately spent two nights. The opinion of the Government is that they will best discharge their duty with respect to the state of things which exists not in "Westmeath, Meath, and parts of King's County," but in Westmeath, and parts of Meath and King's County, by placing the facts on such a footing as to be beyond all dispute by means of the inquiry of an impartial Committee. That appears to us the most prompt method that can be adopted with a view to an effectual remedy. But I quite agree with the hon. Baronet that it is our duty that the remedy should be applied in the most speedy and effective manner.