HC Deb 13 March 1871 vol 204 cc1871-2

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether the gentlemen who passed their examination for direct commissions in the Army in August last will, in event of their being over age when their turn comes for a commission, still be eligible, or whether they will be passed by as superannuated?


Each candidate who passed in July was furnished with a memorandum explaining to him the prospect of his obtaining a commission, and pointing out within what time he must obtain it or be superannuated.


asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether there will be any Examination for Direct Commissions within the next few months; and, if so, whether it will be conducted upon the old system, or upon the new one recommended by the recent Commission's Report on the subject?


As there are upwards of 500 candidates for commissions who have passed, there will not be another examination for the Army generally for a considerable time. If any examinations are necessary for the Guards, they will be conducted under the new system.