HC Deb 19 June 1871 vol 207 c224

wished to ask the hon. and learned Member for Marylebone, with reference to the proposal which he made the other day to discharge his hon. and learned Friend from further attendance on the Committee on Conventual and Monastic Institutions, Whether he had ever consented to serve on the Committee this Session; and, secondly, whether he (Mr. Newdegate) had not the full consent of his hon. and learned Friend for moving for the removal of his name from the List of the Committee?


replied, in the first place, that he had not consented to serve on the re-appointed Committee, and he had told his right hon. Friend the Chairman of the Committee so; and, secondly, his hon. Friend (Mr. Newdegate) had had his full authority to move that his name be taken off the List. In point of fact, it was impossible for him to attend.