HC Deb 16 June 1871 vol 207 c140

asked the Vice President of the Council, Whether in a district provided with the requisite accommodation, within the distance prescribed in a Public Elementary School managed by a committee of ratepayers, can the School Board borrow money on the security of the school fund and local rate towards obtaining an additional school house; and, if they can, what limit (if any), would be placed by the Education Department to their borrowing powers or to the dimensions of such unnecessary building, and can the deficiency of the school fund in respect of such school house be raised out of the rates?


, in reply, said, the Education Department did not require school accommodation to be provided in any place until they were convinced there was a deficiency of such accommodation; and, with reference to a school board borrowing money for the purpose of increasing school accommodation, the district for which such accommodation must be provided was limited by the boundary of the school district, whatever that might be.