HC Deb 15 June 1871 vol 207 cc73-4

Clause 6 (Rules us to enlistment.)


said, he rose for the purpose of making an appeal particularly to his hon. Friend the Member for Finsbury (Mr. W. M. Torrens), that he would permit the Government to make a Motion for omitting the clause, and to proceed with the Bill in the mode in which they intended. He entirely admitted, and, indeed, everyone must feel the great importance of the subject which his hon. Friend wished to bring under the consideration of the House. It was extremely desirable that the question should be fully and fairly considered; but he hoped his hon. Friend would think him not unreasonable if he asked him not to bring it forward as a formal Amendment to the clause with which it was the intention of the Government not to proceed.


, who had given Notice to move as an Amendment to Clause 6 (or, if that Clause be withdrawn, as a new clause), page 4, line 41, before "no," insert— No person enlisted as a soldier in any regiment of cavalry or infantry of the line shall be called upon to serve Her Majesty out of the United Kingdom until he shall have attained the age of twenty years, said, he hoped the Committee would believe that nothing was more contrary to the interests and wishes of one placed in his position than to tempt them to go into a discussion sooner than it was the general pleasure and convenience to do, and if the Government would only assign him an early day when the Bill had come out of Committee, he would be willing to yield. If the Government thought it would be more for the convenience of Public Business to grant him any day on which this should be the first Order, so that what he considered a pressing question should be in the same position, as it now stood, he would not have the slightest objection to sit down and not say another word. But he put it to his right hon. Friend whether it would be a good exchange to give up the advantageous position which he now held for the chance of bringing on the question at an hour before midnight, when it would be impossible that it should be fairly discussed.

After long discussion, Mr. CARDWELL said, he would move that the clause be postponed.

Motion agreed to; Clause postponed.