HC Deb 05 June 1871 vol 206 c1535

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether the regulations on the subject of Promotion in the Army by Selection, stated as "about to be laid down," have yet been framed; and when he will undertake to lay them upon the Table of the House?


Sir, in the Report of the Royal Commission of 1857 it is said— His Royal Highness has stated that if the Returns from Inspecting Officers are fairly given, as they ought to be, and might be, there is no Officer in the Army with whose professional character the Commander-in-Chief might not be acquainted. I stated that, in order to secure fairness of promotion, these Reports will in future be furnished in greater completeness, and be tabulated and recorded in the office of the Military Secretary, the character of whose office would be altered, and made of greater importance and of limited duration. It is intended that these changes shall be made as soon as the Bill shall become Law, and Regulations on the subject will then be approved and published.