HC Deb 24 July 1871 vol 208 c164

asked Mr. Solicitor General for Ireland, Whether the Act of the Irish Parliament, the 33rd Geo. 3, c. 29, intituled— An Act to prevent the election or appointment of unlawful assemblies, under pretence of preparing or presenting public Petitions or other Addresses to His Majesty or the Parliament, is to be regarded as obsolete, or is still operative as law in Ireland; whether any Act of a similar character is in force in England; and, whether it be the intention of Government to introduce a Bill for the repeal of the Act referred to?


said, in reply, that there were statutes in force in England with more stringent provisions in relation to unlawful assemblies than were contained in any Irish statutes, but that there was no statute similar to the one referred to; that the Act of the Irish Parliament, 33 Geo. III., c. 29, had not been repealed and was still in force, and it was not the intention of the Government to introduce a Bill to repeal it.