HC Deb 19 July 1871 vol 207 cc1951-2

Order for Committee read.


said, it was not his intention to proceed further with the measure; his only reason for withdrawing which was that, whereas there was a considerable opposition to it on the part of county Members, there was practically no opposition to that of his hon. Friend the Member for Chelsea (Sir Charles W. Dilke) which followed, and which had reference to boroughs only; and he (Mr. Brand) thought he should best gain the object he had in view by helping his hon. Friend to pass his measure, and thus show to the county Members that the proposed system of registration was not only a good, but an economical one. He did not regret bringing it forward, because he believed the discussion that took place on the second reading would be of some value, and form a guide to the Government in the future consideration of the subject. He would move that the Order for going into Committee be discharged and the Bill withdrawn.


said, he did not regret the course proposed; but it must be by no means understood that in withdrawing the Bill the subject would be allowed to drop for good; in fact, he hoped to see the Bill introduced again next Session. It was of the utmost importance that the Union should be the unit of registration, and that the clerk of the assessment committee should be the registrar.

Motion agreed, to.

Order discharged; Bill withdrawn.