HC Deb 06 July 1871 vol 207 cc1222-3

asked the Surveyor General of Ordnance, What number of guns and new field batteries, together with waggons, were horsed, harnessed, manned, fully complete and ready for the field on the 1st of July instant?


In reply, Sir, to the Question of my hon. and gallant Friend, I have to state as follows:—The number of guns and new field batteries horsed, harnessed, and manned, on a peace establishment at home, on the 1st instant is—old batteries, 10 horse artillery, with 60 guns, and 20 field batteries, with 120 guns, fully horsed and manned, and ready for the field, after being made up to a home war establishment from the depôts, which could be done at a moment's notice; new batteries, 6 horse artillery, with 36 guns; and 20 field batteries, with 120 guns. These batteries are all complete in their establishment of non-commissioned officers and men. Six are fully horsed, five nearly so, and the remainder are being completed as rapidly as horses can be purchased. As regards matériel, the guns, carriages, ammunition, stores, and harness have all been issued to the augmented batteries. So far, therefore, as matériel is concerned, the following is the result:—Old batteries—10 horse artillery, 60 guns; 12 field batteries, 120 guns; new batteries, 6 horse artillery, 36 guns; 20 field batteries, 120 guns; 5 depôt smooth-bore, 30 guns; making a total of 366. I have to add that rifled guns, to replace the 30 smoothbore guns in the depôts, are ready to be issued at a moment's notice.