HC Deb 27 February 1871 vol 204 cc939-40

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether it is the intention of Her Majesty's Government to bring in a Bill during the present Session to provide for the Distribution of the Seats vacant by the Disfranchisement of Cashel and Sligo?


asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, If, in the event of a Bill being introduced to provide for the distribution of seats vacant by the disfranchisement of Cashel and Sligo, he will consider the claims of Dublin and Belfast to return three Members each to Parliament?


, in answer to the hon. Member for Tipperary (Mr. Heron) said, Her Majesty's Government had not yet decided whether they would, in the present Session, be able to introduce a Bill for the distribution of the seats rendered vacant by disfranchisement either in England or Ireland. In reply to the hon. Member for Belfast (Mr. W. Johnston), he said, that in considering the question when the proper time came, the claims of cities so important as Dublin and Belfast would be very carefully considered.