HC Deb 27 February 1871 vol 204 cc937-8

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Who signed the alteration, in line of the broad walk by Speke's Monument in Kensington Gardens; and, whether the walk being made to run direct towards the Memorial of the late Prince Consort is with the view of showing how much the effect of that beautiful structure is injured by the proximity of the Hall of Science immediately to the south of it?


, in reply, said, the second part of the Question assumed as a fact that which appeared to be simply a description of the hon. Member's own feelings with respect to art. The fact was that the site for the Albert Memorial was selected in order that it might be in close proximity to the site for the Albert Hall; and the walk to which he refers was made not for the purpose of enabling people to see through, but to walk upon, from the centre of Kensington Gardens to the Albert Memorial, in order that persons might avail themselves of the ground laid down around the Memorial, for the purpose of looking at it from any point of view they might like best.