HC Deb 23 February 1871 vol 204 c758

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether it is in contemplation to take any and what portion of Hyde Park on the south front of the Albert Memorial for improving the Kensington Road at that part; and, for what purpose the work in Hyde Park on the south front of the Albert Memorial is now being carried on?


, in reply, said, what was intended to be done was to make the short flight of steps in front of the Albert Memorial, in order to carry out so much of the design as was absolutely necessary to complete the arrangements for the Memorial on the original plan. With regard to improving the road an arrangement was come to with the District Board of Works of Westminster to prosecute a Bill for improving the road, and the Great Exhibition Commissioners, having in view the opening of the Exhibition this year, agreed to provide for the expense; but, subsequently, the district board wished to withdraw from the arrangement, and the Bill was not further prosecuted. As the Exchequer did not undertake the paving of metropolitan roads, it did not seem clear how anything could at present be done in the way of improvement unless some such arrangement as the one to which he had referred could be again arrived at and carried into effect. But if nothing was done either by the local or the Metropolitan Board within a reasonable time, the consideration of the subject could be resumed at a future period.