HC Deb 18 August 1871 vol 208 cc1869-70

Order [15th August] for Return relative thereto read, and discharged; and, instead thereof,—Return ordered, Of the names and description of persons treated in the City of Dublin Hospitals for wounds alleged to have been inflicted in the Phœnix Park on the 6th of August, specifying in each instance the nature of the wounds."—(Marquis of Hartington.)


, in moving that the House do now adjourn, said: With reference to the declarations in the debate of last night on the subject of the occurrences in the Phœnix Park, by my right hon. Friend at the head of the Government and my hon. and learned Friend the Solicitor General, I think that it will be convenient that I should state at once the intentions of the Government. We intend to issue a Commission to inquire into the conduct of the police on the 6th of August as soon as such a Commission can be held without prejudicing any legal proceedings. With respect to meetings in the Park the matter will be taken into immediate consideration, and in the meantime the Government will not interfere with any meeting otherwise unobjectionable that is held in a part of the Park not inconvenient to the public or to the persons residing near the Park.

House adjourned at a quarter after Six o'clock.