HC Deb 17 August 1871 vol 208 cc1767-8

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, Whether he will state to the House the resolution at which he has arrived after his perusal of the Minutes of the "Agincourt" Court Martial?


Sir, a final decision was arrived at yesterday afternoon upon the circumstances disclosed by the Court Martial held on several officers of the Agincourt. That decision has been embodied in a Board Minute which to-day will be sent to Portsmouth, Devonport, and Portland, for communication to the officers concerned. I should feel very sorry if before the officers affected by that decision received the official intimation which I expect they will receive tomorrow morning they should by any indirect means hear the resolution which has been arrived at. Therefore, while acknowledging the courtesy hon. Members have shown in not pressing me in regard to this question, I must still ask them not to press me to state the decision to-day. I will engage to lay on the Table at once a copy of the Board Minute, from which hon. Members will learn the decision which has been come to.