HC Deb 15 August 1871 vol 208 c1651

asked the President of the Poor Law Board, Whether he has considered several Reports made by the Poor Law Commissioners for Ireland in reference to the Law of Removal of destitute Poor Persons from England and Scotland to Ireland; and, whether he has considered a Return made to this House of Persons removed by English and Scotch Poor Law Boards for three years ending the 31st December 1869, and the Correspondence therein contained; and, if so, will he state whether he approves of the present state of the Law; and, if not, whether it is his intention to apply a remedy?


replied that he had considered the Reports and Correspondence referred to. He was not at that moment prepared to express any opinion upon the present state of the law. It was true there were differences so considerable that they might fairly be called anomalies in the laws of removal in force in England, Ireland, and Scotland. It was well worthy of consideration whether the laws of the three countries might not be somewhat assimilated, and he had no objection to hold a departmental inquiry on the subject.