HC Deb 01 August 1871 vol 208 c653

asked the Vice President of the Committee of Council, Whether the cases of Asiatic Cholera reported as existing at Hull did not take place in ships several days before they reached that port; and, whether any case of Asiatic Cholera has been as yet reported within this Kingdom?


In answer, Sir, to the Question of my hon. Friend, I have to state that I received a telegram from Hull shortly after I answered the Question put the other evening that there had been a case of cholera at Hull, and I requested Mr. Simon to send down one of the Inspectors. A Report was received the next day which I find on examination since is quite confirmed. It is to the effect that it was not a case of cholera that had been imported into Hull; it was the case of a ship coming from Cronstadt, in which a man died two days after leaving Cronstadt and five days before reaching Hull. In another ship a man had died of cholera at Cronstadt 13 days before arrival at Hull. There was no case of cholera after arrival at Hull. The Medical Department has no information of any case of Asiatic cholera in this country.

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