HC Deb 27 April 1871 vol 205 cc1773-4

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether the claims of British subjects against the United States Government (as set forth in the Return presented to the House of Commons, paper North America, No. 11, 1864) are to be considered and adjudicated upon under the Convention lately signed at Washington, simultaneously with the Alabama claims; and as the Report referred to is now out of print, if Her Majesty's Government will cause it to be reprinted?


said, in reply, that no Convention had as yet been signed at Washington, and he trusted he should not be thought guilty of discourtesy if he said that it would be most injudicious prematurely to state what might or might not be contained in a Convention which was not yet signed. As to the re-printing of the Report, the hon. and gallant Member had better put himself in communication with the Committee on Printing; but meantime the Foreign Office would supply 50 copies of the document.