HC Deb 27 April 1871 vol 205 c1770

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether Her Majesty's Government will accept the Instruction of the honourable Member for West Cornwall to the Committee on the Mines Regulation Bill to divide the same into two, viz., Coal and Ironstone Mines and Metalliferous Mines; and, if so, whether he will go into Committee pro formâ on an early day, that the Bills as altered may be forthwith reprinted?


, in reply, said, the Bill included not only coal and ironstone mines, but all mines whatever. The regulations for metalliferous mines were very different from those applicable to coal mines and ironstone mines worked in conjunction with coal. He had received representations from gentlemen connected with districts in which metalliferous mines were worked, to the effect that it would be much more convenient to them if the regulations applicable to these mines were included in one Bill, so that there would be one code. There was a great deal of force in that suggestion, and he was perfectly willing to accede to it, although he was not sure in what manner effect could be given to it. He was not satisfied that the most convenient way of proceeding with the measure would be to go into Committee upon it pro formâ.