HC Deb 20 April 1871 vol 205 cc1389-90

asked Mr. Solicitor General, Whether it is true that the Bishop of Salisbury Las just resigned the Fellowship at Winchester College, which he has hitherto held in conjunction with his Bishopric, and that an election of a new Fellow has been, or is about to be, held; and, if so, whether the Public School Commissioners have informed the Governing Body that such an election cannot create a fresh vested interest under the Public Schools Act of 1864, or have otherwise taken notice of the proceeding?


said, in reply, that they had reason to believe that the Bishop of Salisbury had lately resigned his Fellowship at Winchester College, and that it was proposed to elect a new Fellow. The Public School Commissioners held a meeting, and wrote an official letter to the Warden and Fellows of Winchester College, calling attention to the Act 27 & 28 Vict., whereby any person taking such office after the passing of that Act would not be able to establish any vested interest in it. The attention of the Warden and Fellows was called to that Act, and they were informed that, it having been proposed to reduce the number of Fellows to seven, if the eighth Fellowship were filled up the Follow so elected would take office with the clearest notice that the Public School Commissioners would deal with his interests in what manner they should think fit.